200th Anniversary of Alexander Henry's Adventures Publication


"On the 26th of August, we reached the Portages a la Vase, three in number .... Their name describes the boggy ground of which they consist.  In passing one of them, we saw many beaver-houses and dams; and by breaking one of the dams, we let off water enough to float our canoes down a small stream....  These carrying-places, and the intermediate navigation, brought us at length, to the head of a small river, which falls into Lake Nipisingue."  Alexander Henry Travels and Adventures in Canada and the Indian Territories Between the years 1760 and 1776 Published by I. Riley, in New York:  I.  1809.

Events & Announcements
July 20th

Canoe Day 2019


Come Experience La Vase Portages first hand. Our guides will be sure to point out historical landmarks while you have an amazing day in your canoe. The incredible surroundings, wildlife and flora will create a lasting impression and memory.

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